Membership of the Deanship in the professional and specialized Councils locally ,regionally and internationally, The Deanship of Libraries is a member of the International Library Association (IFLA) as well as the Arab Federation of Libraries (CAULI) and the participation of the virtual library of Sudanese Universities in Khartoum also the dean of the library and his deputy members in University Senate at the University, deans council and University Council and the councill of Arabization and publishing and others. Ustaz. Mirghani Ahmed Abdelhafeez, Deputy Dean of Libraries, Dr. Abu Obeida Mohamed Hamouda, the current Dean, and Dr. Ebenouf Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim, former Dean, participated in the development of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the Faculty of Education Hasha-Issa, and Faculty of Education Hantoub, Intermediate Diploma at the Department of Continuous Education and also participated in teaching for several years .and graduated many students of Library and Information Susie.

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