Dean Message

Welcome Speech of the Dean of Libraries University Libraries play a vital and basic role in the university education process. They are considered one of the most important knowledge sources that provide teaching staff members, students and researchers in the universities with information, reference and knowledge sources, study sources, both print and electronic. Therefore, the concern with university libraries and their development is considered a top priority for every university pursuing excellence. University education witnesses successive imposed by the nature of the technical and scientific developments. The University of Gezira also witnesses steady growth in its programs and research the thing that enables to it to hold an important local, regional and international position. This matter made our responsibility great to keep pace with these developments, interact with them and to contribute to their success. It also requires rewriting the library objectives and making radical amendments in the philosophy of the library activities and the services it provides. Recognizing the importance of the library, the University of Gezira (it is the university that pursuits excellence in all its institutions) gave special care and great concern for the library sector, established the Deanship of Libraries and sought to develop it. The Deanship of Libraries attempted to transform this concern and care into an achieved reality and accomplished achievements through a series of realized achievements in different forms, represented by the establishment and support of the new central library and also the appointment of a number of qualified and specialized human resources, maintenance and rehabilitation of branch libraries, acquisition of up-to-date publications and development of electronic libraries. These achievements were achieved by merit of Allah, then cooperation of the university administration and the caring, follow-up and directions of his Excellence the Vice Chancellor. We pray to Allah that cooperation continues to achieve the objective of the university and the home land. Dean of Libraries

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