University of Gezira Library was established in 1975. It was called the Preparatory College. Then the name developed into the libraries of the University of Gezira, which included many libraries of faculties, institutes and specialised centres, located in the various campuses of the University. The library started with a catalog card that included all the library's collection and was helped by a number of British volunteers at the time. Since 1998, the library has closed the catalog card and has stopped working on it. It has been converted into an automated catalog using CDS/ISIS system, then it moved to use WIN/ISIS system and now it uses the Koha system. The library started with a simple collection of books covering the four faculties: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Science and Technology and the Faculty of Economics and Rural Deneloment. In the 1990s, the University witnessed a significant expansion in the number of faculties, institutes and specialised centres. Consequently, the collections of this library increased to be about 70,000 volumes through purchase, gift and exchange. The library has about 200 titles of periodicals, most of which come as gifts from some international organizations such as the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization. New services have been introduced in the libraries to cope with these developments such as the automated indexing, the search of bibliographic databases and full texts on the laser discs or on-line. During this period, the library director of the university (librarian) until the establishment of a Statue for the Deanship of Libraries was approved in the University Senate No. (191) on September 18, 2011 and under this decne Deanship of Libraries of the University of Gezira Was Formea and then the job title has changed from the librarian to the Dean of Libraries.

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